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Package details for libelf 0.8.13 for Intel i486

This package is for Slackware version, which reached end of life on 2018-07-05. This means that security patches will no longer be provided for it. If you are still using Slackware 13.37 we strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version (preferably as recent as possible).

Name: libelf (libelf)
Version: 0.8.13
Architecture: Intel i486
Build: 1
Format: Slackware 13.37

Homepage ext^
Release date: 2009-11-01

libelf lets you read, modify or create ELF files in an architecture- independent way. The library takes care of size and endian issues.
For example, you can process a file for SPARC processors on an Intel- based system. This library is a clean-room rewrite of the System V Release 4 library, and is supposed to be source code compatible with it. It was meant primarily for porting SVR4 applications to other operating systems, but can also be used as the basis for new applications (and as a light-weight alternative to libbfd).

LicenseLGPL v2 ext^
Category: Library
Series: l (Libraries. Dynamically linked libraries required by many other programs.)
SlackBuild: Yes, included
From binary release: No



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Slackware 13.37 0.8.13 1 Intel x86-64 2016-10-24 57.5 KB (58 876 B) View
Slackware 13.1 0.8.11 1 Intel x86-64 2014-04-27 56.21 KB (57 560 B) View
Slackware 13.1 0.8.11 1 Intel i486 2014-04-27 54.34 KB (55 648 B) View
Slackware 13.0 0.8.10 1 Intel x86-64 2014-04-27 53.88 KB (55 168 B) View
Slackware 13.0 0.8.10 1 Intel i486 2014-04-27 51.56 KB (52 796 B) View